One life lost As Edo State Residents Breaks Into COVID-19 palliatives warehouse, To Loots Food Items.

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Resident of Edo State Has Break into Government COVID-19 Warehouse filled with covid-19 relief item at Medical Store Road, Benin City, Edo State

A man allegedly died while attempting to escape from the warehouse with his loot.

Residents of the area woke up Saturday morning to see Army surrounding the warehouse belonging to Edo Pharmaceutical Store.

It was gathered that at 7: 00 Am Soldiers and crowd were already at the environment it was filled with mostly youths, both male and female, they dared the security, invading the warehouse from all corners and palliatives proceeds to caution COVID-19 pandemic were carted away.

The looters ignored gunshots from armed security personnel, which lasted for about five minutes, meant to scare them.

But the security personnel who seem to have acted on instruction, stopped the shooting when they saw magnitude of the crowd obviously to avoid killing.

Like a swarm of bees, the looters who were carting away various food items, noodles, sugar, and even gas cylinders, foam and others kept increasing while the security men watched.

It was easier to go inside the warehouse than to come out as the resident fell over each other.

Unconfirmed source said there were a few casualty but could not say if it was from shooting of the security.

Attempts to speak with some of the people by our reporter were unsuccessful as they continually declined comment but kept saying; “Oga we are collecting our palliatives, the government been keep am wait for us.”

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